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2014 Baltimore Seminar on Educational & amp; Professional Writing The Meeting may analyze critical issues in recommendations, and theory, investigation in college instructional and skilled publishing lessons. The seminar may concentrate on five (5) fundamental questions about academic and professional publishing: What’re the scientific and theoretical frameworks that are current? Exactly what does study tell us of publishing packages/lessons in regards to the selection and efficiency? What do we realize about current theory-based, study driven guidelines? What are in evaluating writing method success existing instructions,? What are potential guidelines in practices that are best and study? This discussion will provide a way to continue the School of Marylands accelerating history of attention to writing. Nationwide and global publishing reports historians can reveal info to steer the near future schooling of our academic and writing learners that are professional from all professions across college. Logan Discussion Co-Chairs, and Slater, College of Maryland University Writing Board

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